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Why a recruiter should be one of your best friends

Let’s take a look at why a recruiter should be your friend. Whatever sector or industry you are in, you want to become an expert in that field. From tech start-ups to any aspect of digital business, your priority is your business. But, if you want your business to grow, at some point you will need to recruit staff. This is where recruiters come in. A marketer is an expert in marketing: a recruiter is an expert in recruiting.

The point is as important as it is obvious. A recruiter is a trained professional. Many people in business will have been involved in hiring over the years, possibly for different companies and several roles. However, there is a big difference between being an occasional hiring manager and a full-time professional recruiter.

This is why a recruiter should be one of your best friends.

A good recruiter is an expert in people, businesses and the culture of the workplace. It’s their bread and butter, so a recruiter will always ask the right questions, always raise the pertinent issues, and always recognise the correct course of action.

You shouldn’t underestimate the advantage that literally doing something for a living gives you. And this is what a recruiter does, so they are good at it.

For a recruiter, the end goal is the same for them as it is for their client. It is in everyone’s best interests to find the perfect candidate. A good recruiter will really know the candidates they represent. Verifying a candidate’s education, work experience and skill set is an important part of the recruiter’s job spec – but it’s not the only part.

The initial screening that a recruiter will do on candidates will ensure that only suitable candidates survive the filtering process, but making sure that potential candidates possess a suitable set of soft skills and will be the right cultural fit for the client’s organisation are equally important.

A recruiter is your best friend because they will understand better than anyone whether a potential candidate will be a good fit for a particular organisation. They understand what makes a candidate tick.

Essentially, a very good recruitment consultant is a very good thing to have on your side. Your organisation will be presented with a higher quality set of candidates. That’s a value that you can’t really put a price on. But besides delivering excellent candidates, recruiters also take care of the admin side of things – and many of the things you either don’t want to do or haven’t got time for.

A recruiter is a goldmine of knowledge. They know people and have access to a talent pipeline. They should be able to source the right candidate but crucially they will know exactly who to select from their talent pool at precisely the right time. They will also be able to sell a company and a role to that candidate.

You never truly know if there’s a match with a candidate until you meet them. A recruitment consultant increases the likelihood of a match. The consultant already knows them and has already assessed their capability, suitability and fit for an organisation.

Sourcing the right technical talent can be tough. Tech start-ups need high quality developers and engineers, but candidates also need to fit the company mould perfectly. If you want to accelerate the growth of your company’s digital business offering, Coded People can become your best friend.

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