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Many tech start-ups are faced with a real dilemma as they look to grow their business. Trying to upscale can be a vicious circle. To grow at the rate you want, you need high quality developers and engineers. That much is obvious, but cash flow can be the stumbling block.

That’s why Coded People offer start-ups a free payment plan. It helps businesses to upscale faster with developers and manage their cash flow at the same time.

In an increasingly tough marketplace, getting hold of the top tech talent can be tricky. Coded People offer a service that is as personalised as it is professional. Any developer or engineer that joins your business needs to possess the requisite skills – but it’s also vital that they are the right cultural fit for your company. They need to have the right qualities, personality and outlook so that they fit your company mould like a glove.

This is why Coded People put considerable effort into getting to grips with how a business works, before we move on to sourcing the best tech talent that is out there. We get under the skin of a business, work out what makes it tick and form a strong understanding of a company before we really get down to nitty gritty of supplying talent.

The necessary skills are obviously highly important, but to a certain extent these are the things that exist on CVs and qualifications certificates. The complete package – the whole person – is what a company truly needs to succeed. This is why we work equally as hard to get to grips with what makes an individual tick and to really understand each candidate too.

Because of this we can that supply start-ups with candidates that are a perfect tech talent match.

Coded People’s core business is working with tech start-ups and we specialise in 3 areas in particular: Microsoft.Net, Opensource Technologies and Business Intelligence

Start-ups operate in a busy world. The pace is quick, incessant and unrelenting. The two things that hold many back are cash flow – and time. You always want more time, but it is always limited. As well as our commitment to understanding the precise needs of a business, we also manage the whole process of recruitment from start to finish. Not only will we supply quality candidates, we will cover every step from references to contracts.

Any start-up will find things tough at the beginning. It’s a real challenge to find the right people to recruit to a business. Trying to balance the books at the same time makes that challenge harder still.

Coded People recognise the size of this problem. Our payment scheme is our solution. It means a start-up can get the right people it needs to join the business at the time it needs them. The hassle and headache that recruiting can be is taken away. The process is made easy, saves time and is effective. The payment plan makes it possible from a cash flow point of view too.

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