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Top Five Cafes For Coding in London

Top Five Cafes For Coding in London

Jan 23, 2019 / No Comments

Top Five Cafes For Coding in London


If you love to code, get buzzed on caffeine, and tiny scones, THIS, is your blog! We know that working from home can get mundane and you'd want to adventure out for a proper cup of coffee and some nice pastries. That's why we decide to put together a list of our favourite cafes in London, perfect for developers and engineers.

What criteria needed to be met? Simple!

  1. Are there power outlets?
  2. Is there comfortable seating
  3. WiFi - Yay or Nay?
  4. Is the coffee any good?

Here's what we came up with!

Fix Coffee


Fix coffee met all our criteria for having outlets, comfortable seating (depending on which location you go to), and great coffee. With two locations split across Old Street, Fix has leather sofas and vintage chandeliers adorn this exposed-brick cafe for artisan coffee and snacks (161a Whitecross Street location).

The atmosphere is bustling but not overly distracting and varies depending on when you go. The coffee is delicious with some great choices like their fix blend Climpson & Son (75% San Juan Co-op, 25% Savannah), their decafs like Alchemy, and filtered blends - Vagabond Coffee Roasters. There is also a nice menu of artisanal snacks. Although their coffee is not the cheapest, so don't expect an espresso for £1.50. Their WiFi will also get the job done, however, we did experience some slower load times for certain sites.

Check out Fix Coffee here: http://www.fix-coffee.co.uk/#about

Mousetail Coffee


Mousetail has a few locations, but we feel the go-to is at the Deptford Rail Station. There is an open and trendy market feel. There are comfy couches, chairs, and more stern seating available. Outlets are plentiful for all you hard-working folk as well. In terms of food, Mousetail offers some mouth-watering bacon/brie brioches and breakfast muffins, but there are also vegan options.

Mousetail roast their our own beans locally via Diedrich IR-12 roaster, but also offer single origins from all around the globe. In terms of flavour profile, you can "expect balanced nutty notes, hints of caramel & orange and low acidity." This is definitely somewhere where you can meet your mates for some good coffee, and snacks. The wifi is also great and won't kick you off after an hour like some cafes are known to do. Pricewise it's on average with other proper cafes.

Interested in the Mousetails menu? http://www.mousetailcoffee.com

Husk Coffee & Creative Space


This bustling cafe is perfect for the creative who enjoys working around lots of activity. Husk can often get busy, but there is plenty of comfy couches to be shared. For many of Londons Creatives, this is their go-to. This is one of the cheaper, less pretentious options, but still offer delicious breakfast/brunch options like the avocado toast - that is vegetarian/vegan-friendly. There are a few outlets available near the appropriate seating, but it can get hard to grab some power when it gets busy so beware!

Husk, like Fix, offers Climpson & Sons beans; The Baron, espresso blend, and their house beans, Huskateer Blend. They also have great decaf and filtered coffee, but their iced brews are really a must-try! The WiFi is also strong and can easily provide the necessary bandwidth for most projects.

Learn more about the lunch menu! http://huskcoffee.com/ 

TAP Coffee No.114


With 3 different locations, we decided that Top Coffee's Tottenham Court Road cafe is probably the best to visit. The cafe itself is small, there are only two outlets, and no comfortable couches, but man is the food and coffee great! The beans are a softer blend but are incredibly aromatic with a rich flavour profile.

It wouldn't be a complete loss to go there simply for the cappuccino and avocado stuffed croissant. The cakes and desserts are fantastic as well, especially the small chocolate cakes! There is also WiFi, but its a little dodgy. We don't recommend this cafe if your workload surpasses your laptops battery life. However, if you go your taste buds will thank you!

See what  Tap Coffee has to offer - http://www.tapcoffee.co.uk/

Timberyard Seven Dials


Some consider this a coders paradise. The main floor has nice sofas, a few outlets and a large display of pastries, sandwiches, and cakes! The second floor, however, is definitely where all the work happens. There are plenty of large tables and adequate lighting. You'll find more outlets downstairs and plenty of space to get your work done.

The food and coffee are terrific however it can be a bit pricey. The beans are Timberyard by Climpson & Sons. They have a refreshingly nutty yet softer tone. The WiFi is superb as well and doesn't cut out or time you out.

Well, there you have it! Five of our favourite cafes to get a little coding done. If you have any recommendations for some other great cafes we'd love to hear from you! Just submit your recommendation below and we'll consider adding it for our future blogs!



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