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3 In-demand Tech Skills for 2019



It’s a new year and for some, that could mean a new career. However, as we plug into 2019 it might be good to consider some of the more in-demand skills that companies and employers are looking for. Having some of these in your back pocket could certainly give you the advantage in applying for your next job!


Blockchain Skills


2018 saw the rapid growth of blockchain technology which meant demand for experienced developers. For blockchain developers looking to make large strides in 2019, there are important skills they will need to hone. Understanding business-led architecture is paramount, in addition to creating connections with trading associates, clients and suppliers within the entire ecosystem. Another important consideration is interoperability. Become a master of interoperability! While it may not be an easy task, integration within enterprise systems is an essential way to decrease latency and accelerate business outcomes. We discussed some predictions in our previous blog for what lies in 2019, and one was security. Blockchain is no exception so ensure you understand blockchain security frameworks. Although they are still evolving alongside the legal aspects of the tech market, skills like key cryptography, Merkle proofs, and cryptographic hashing are excellent tools to have in your pocket.


Machine Learning


Machine learning is exploding in demand and deals directly with how algorithms can process and learn for large data pools. What does this mean for developers looking to improve their skills? Math, math, math. You by no means have to be Einstien but understanding statistics, calculus, linear algebra, and discrete mathematics are essential. It ‘s also useful to familiarize yourself with libraries like SciPy, and NumPy. Algorithmic thinking is also what allows top engineers to name their salaries, which means computer science principles will be key to any engineer becoming proficient in this sector. Thus you’ll need to brush up on architecture, computability and complexity and data structures.



Cloud Computing



It’s becoming a staple for many developers to have some knowledge in Cloud at this point. However, if you are a developer trying to advance your career you will need to consider several skills you’ll need in your arsenal. VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and virtualisation skills in AWS are some of the most requested abilities with employers posting jobs. One consideration to take to put you ahead of the competition is becoming certified. Whether you’re looking for a new job, promotion, or simply establish yourself in your current company it’s helpful to get Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud certification. If anything else it looks great on your CV. If you’re interested check out the AWS certification course here.

Those are just 3 skills we feel will be in popular demand from employers in 2019, so try to do your best to add or better these talents in your existing developer toolkit! For more information on what is in popular demand in London’s tech market feel free to give us a call and chat with us!


The Coded People Team

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