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Startups and 5 Perks of Working For One


startups LondonWhether you’re a programmer or developer, London’s growing tech industry offers a myriad of unique employment opportunities. Looking for your next role, you may want to consider working for a startup. Before you choose your next job you will surely weigh the pros and cons. However, if you are hungry to learn new skills and wish to be at the forefront of fascinating tech, startups may be perfect for you.


2018 London startupsImagine being in on the ground floor of businesses like UberWeWork, or AirBnB. Startups like these, show the high growth opportunities available in startups. 2018 has proved to be a great year for London startups. Moreover, statistics show that a single year working with a startup can offer you identical variety, pace, and challenges as working with a larger business for seven years. In addition, startups offer some serious perks for programmers and developers alike.

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Being an developer or programmer at an early stage of a startup makes you a key member of the business. You may also increase your chances to be promoted to an Executive position, even if you have less than 5 years’ experience. This is unlike the more excessive requirements of larger businesses. What is more, as the company grows and you will be presented with greater responsibilities.

As a result you can achieve career advancement at a rapid rate, in a shorter length of time. In established business it is more common to advance at a slower pace. However, be weary, as you will have to have an expected level of performance, which will likely define your progress. With this will very likely come a flat hierarchy that allows for greater communication, transparency, and freedom to manage your own tasks.

 startups learning UK London

Fast-Paced Learning 

Startups have steep learning curves, unlike many established, larger businesses. Hence, you’ll be expected to keep up. This does however present the unique opportunity for you to use agile work processes. This also translates into a higher degree of autonomy. Whether it’s front-end or back-end, Java, or Python, Programmer or Tester, startups offer varied learning opportunities.

If you have an entrepreneurial fervor in you, this presents the perfect way to learn a wide variety of skills. As a result creating solutions to unique problems may be dramatically easier. This not only builds your expertise, but also makes you an invaluable team member. In the long run this would also make you a more persuasive candidate for other positions later in your career. 

 startups have a voice UK London

Have a Voice 

Since your IT team will likely be small, a startup will be a perfect place for ideas to turn into a reality. Startups offer workspaces where listening to unorthodox and innovative ideas are the norm. Freedom to put this idea into practice is also what makes startups so intriguing to potential developers and programmers.

Greatly valued at startups, imaginative people can create, and implement ideas that provide positive results. You may have a smaller starting salary than if you were working for a larger company. Yet you will have the opportunity to make important decisions on how the company advances in its market, and evolves. This will also allow you to directly see the impact you have within the company itself. 

startups tech UK London

Be at the Forefront of Creating Solutions

Many startups dedicate themselves to solving important global issues. London is no exception. Kencko, Perky Fish, and School Space are three London-based startups that are solving important problems.

Kencko promotes healthy lifestyles by making nutritional information more convenient and accessible, Pesky Fish is attempting to alleviate the issues of the fish supply chain, and School Space is attempting to solve the school funding crisis. These are but a few examples of many interesting startups in London with admirable goals and values, that you may feel passionate about. To read more about these wonderful startups click on our link below.

 startups family UK London 

Be Part of a Family 

Working for larger, establish companies you can easily become lost and ignored in the sea of employees. With startups you have the luxury of creating a real dialogue with your employer. This creates a workplace that focuses on solidarity, and communication. Being part of a smaller team also creates a family-like atmosphere. Here employees can express a greater degree of honesty and not be afraid to ask for help or ask questions.

 startups UK London

These are only 5 paramount reasons to consider a position with a startup. Yet, in a tech hub like London there are a myriad of other reasons to join. While it’s not for everyone, working for a startup can be incredibly advantageous to your career, personally rewarding, and a lot of fun!


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