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5 Tech Predictions for 2019


Well, 2018 is practically over, and it has been quite a year in tech! From 3-D Mental Mapping becoming more prevalent to leaps in quantum computing, we are drawing ever closer to a Black Mirror existence. Perhaps the future won’t be quite that bleak, but we might find ourselves in a world where people rate each other from one to five stars with every interaction they have. Who can tell what the future holds? With that, we’ve put together 5 tech predictions we think will come to fruition in 2019.



The Era of the Cloud Begins



It’s agile, scalable, productive and making its mark in tech, Cloud Computing is here! 2018 proved just how valuable Cloud computing can be as it is lower-cost, does not require infrastructure, hardware, or software licences. This also allows for a faster ROI, fast deployment, and flexible use. What’s more, there is a growing list of applications that are Cloud-friendly. In addition to Google, Office 365, Dropbox, and Salesforce, there is a myriad of applications for accounting, business continuity, and collaboration. With all these benefits few can argue that 2019 will see increased use of Cloud technology across the market. The future of IT is Cloud!




Greater Ethics in Tech Talent



As AI and tech progress the opportunities to automate and surveil are growing. In reaction, there are growing concerns of addressing ethical use of such developments. One such company is Microsoft which is considering the risks of facial recognition technology. Google is also worried about AI products being used by the Department of Defense. Both small and large companies will be forced to address ethics in their tech sectors as this will ensure better business practices, growth, and consumer trust. Additionally, with the maturity of GDPR and a broadening of the tech sector in the UK, ethics is sure to be of major importance as we advance into a digital age like no other.




More Smart Cars



With the creation of 5G networks, there is now an avenue that can make autonomous vehicles safer. This will aid in the expansion of more smart cars on the road. While we may not have the hovercars from The Fifth Element or i Robot, we will have more access to personal assistants. Certain cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, and Indianapolis are adapting to 5G networks which will enable a space for self-driving cars. Yet, most of these automobiles are still in the testing phase, with mostly mixed reviews and anxieties. While some people are celebrating the advancement, others are rioting and attacking driverless cars. Currently, cities do not have the infrastructure to make a widespread adoption possible, but moving into 2020 this should be made more of a priority.




DevSecOps Gains Wider Adoption



After a year of some big hacks and user information infringements, DevSecOps will certainly be important in 2019. From Facebook to Marriott to Quora 2018 was bombarded with security issues and emerging risks. As DevOps took over tech in recent years, the security component has moved at a snail’s pace. 2018 made us all realize just how important the need for security within DevOps is. Much of the discussion within DevOps in recent years covered functionality, proficiency, and implementation, but has overlooked security concerns. This will most likely create a security teams shift from a reactive approach to one that incorporates built-in security controls throughout the development process.


Bitcoin Prices Raise Overall



2017 was a rollercoaster year for Bitcoin. As 2018 comes to a close, however, the $20,000+ prices are non-existent. This may lead to more interested parties diving into the market and getting their hands on some of the crypto. This would subsequently increase the demand for Bitcoin and push it closer to the peaks we saw a few years ago. Moreover, John McAfee’s prediction model on Bitcoin estimated that it would reach $500,000 at the end of 2020. This may seem like a dream, however, the same model predicted that by 2017 it would only be worth $5,000. This gives McAfee’s model some credence, and time to grow. After all, who would have predicted, during its inception, the high peaks Bitcoin would see in the future?


The Coded People Team

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