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5 Tips For Hiring Your First Developer as a Startup

5 Tips For Hiring Your First Developer as a Startup

Feb 20, 2019 / No Comments


There are enough worries about managing a startup as it is. Financing, managing a team, achieving your goals, building brand awareness, the list is daunting. However, we want to make hiring a little easier for you. Finding a Developer that meets your needs and will push your startup forward can be incredibly difficult to find.

The reason for this is due to the various types of Developers (Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack), frameworks (Angular, Django, Ruby Rails, Symfony, etc) and industries (e-commerce, retail). It is vital to find the appropriate Developer to fit your business needs, while not breaking your budget. In lieu of this difficult process, here are some important tips that might help you find the perfect fit.

Startup experience is key


Experience should not only equate to technical skills. The right developer for you needs to have experience working with early-stage startups. This will allow them to understand the immediate needs of your business, your particular constraints, and how to best deal with them. While it may sound illogical there are many incredibly talented programmers who would be awful fits for a growing startup. In the larger enterprise sector, scalability and stability is everything. Developers who work in this market can cause large project delays in something as dynamic as your startup.

In a larger enterprise importance on scalability and stability. This is why you may need a more swiss-army knife-type of Developer, one with different tools to meet your business needs. Consider these 4 factors when interviewing for your next Developer position:

Technical ability

Do they have the skills to perform the tasks your business needs to grow, and are they knowledgeable enough to be able to solve foreseeable problems as you grow?

Communicate skill

Do they possess the ability to communicate your technical needs in a way that is understandable and tangible to you and your team?

Teamwork ability

Are they ready to interact in a group setting productively and not be bothered by constant interaction with you and your team?

Execution capability

Is there proof of execution in their past role that would indicate their ability to meet your company's needs and goals?

Developers Are Not Wizards


Just because Developers deal with complex tasks, and are in high demand, does not mean they are wizards who are difficult to reach out to, talk to, or understand. You might not understand the technical aspects of a Developers job, but remember they're just like everyone else in your business, performing a certain set of tasks. However, since they are in high demand you will need to clearly identify and outline what you need them to do for your business. Do your homework on the technical needs of your business!

Clearly communicating your startup's vision, and being honest about the future will not only allow them to identify and explain how they can help your business, but it will also help you see if they are right for the job. If they answer your questions in an extremely technical way that is barely understandable it might be a good idea to ask them to describe it in another way. This again goes back to their ability to communicate and will tell you if they will be a good team fit.

Here it could be useful to use a recruitment agency for specific roles. Often they have access to a wide talent pool and may have a better understanding of which Developer is right for your business. However, be sure it's within your budget.

Do they use source control?


An important part of any contemporary project is source control. This is the tool which allows your technical team the ability to backup your code. This is doubly important for a startup than a larger company as you may be going through numerous, and unforeseen changes to your online content and strategy. Source control also makes it possible to rapidly launch older versions of your site if errors or bugs appear. This should be a big area of expertise to focus on when interviewing candidates. If the Developer doesn't have experience with source control it can make growth incredibly problematic.

One Size Does Not Fit All


Developers come in all shapes, sizes, experience, and skills. If your needs rely heavily on the front-end perhaps you can make do with only a Front-end Developer for the time being. If your needs are more dynamic you may need a Full-Stack Developer. Here it's important to consider and streamline your immediate business objectives and what is most cost-effective.

If you need a dynamic Developer to execute all your goals within a short time-span, perhaps its most cost-effective to hire a contract, Full-Stack Developer. If you have very specific concerns for your backend and need consistent monitoring long-term, a permanent Back-End Developer might be the smarter choice. Whatever you decide, ensure that you've done your homework on your digital needs and which kind of Developer is best suited for your startup.

They Understand Your Vision


While it may sound cliche, a Developer who can see and understand your vision will make all the difference. When a Developer is fully invested in a startup they will understand that certain projects will require long hours and a faster pace. This will make your job easier, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Moreover, a more invested tech team is one which will identify potential issues further down the line in your growth that they can prepare for and avoid any possible issues. While there are plenty of Developers who might not be overly committed to the vision and can complete the work effectively, and rapidly if you plan on having a long-term tech team having someone who shares your vision will ensure a secure digital future for your startup.

While a certain level of success for your tech team is reliant on you, and your understanding of your companies needs, it's important you choose the best candidate. Make sure to do your homework, interview heavily, and asks questions about your start-up tech goals. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and maybe we can help out! We hope this helped.


The Coded People Team

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