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Losing your tech job to AI


We all know that AI, automation, and robotics are going to have a massive impact on the workplace, in general, in the years to come. Stories abound about how many jobs will be lost because of artificial intelligence. Although much of this is expected to hit traditional blue-collar workers, the IT sector will certainly be an area that is affected heavily too.

Indeed, one of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, Vinod Khosla, who founded the venture firm Khosla Ventures, has gone as far as to say that as many as 80% of jobs in a typical IT department could end up being replaced by artificial intelligence systems.

In fact, Khosla went as far as suggesting that the prospect of this happening was ‘exciting’. At first glance, that might appear to be an inappropriate statement to make about figures that look like a catastrophic amount of potential job losses.

But that really is the key point to make. It is understandable that those working in the sector fear losing jobs to AI, but artificial intelligence will create as many jobs as it destroys. Massive opportunities will be created for those working in the tech sector. The focus should be on learning new skills and continually up-skilling so that individuals can be in-demand for the oncoming revolution of AI.

British AI backed with massive investment

In the UK, exciting times do lie ahead for the tech sector. The government is determined to ensure that the nation is right at the forefront of the AI industry. A new deal has just been announced that combines over £300million of new government funding with roughly the same amount of investment coming from the private sector. Over 50 leading businesses have contributed to the deal that should make the UK an AI global leader.

Developing AI Skills and data-driven technologies

Developing skills is a vital part of the new deal and the strategy is designed to ensure that Britain shapes the future.

It will establish the UK as an AI research hotspot, with a programme aimed at attracting the top research talent from around the globe. It also includes a key commitment to boost the post-graduate skills needed, including funding to create 1,000 Artificial Intelligence PhDs by the middle of next decade.

Overall, it is clear that artificial intelligence is something that British businesses and the UK government find themselves on the same page with. It is heartening to see that that the opportunities that AI creates have been recognised in this way. It truly is an area of technology that could place the UK in a position of competitive advantage – with employers, employees and consumers all benefitting.

It is hoped that by embracing AI, the tech sector will be able to form exciting and influential clusters of experience, as well as a considerable number of high-skill jobs for the future. This is why tech professionals should not fear the future. If they continue to develop and up-skill, they will be the future.

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