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Negotiating a Better Developer Salary



Bigger salaries, who wouldn’t want one? But before you go asking employers for more money, you need to consider a few key points. We’ve put together 5  factors you need to address before negotiating with your current or future employer over raises or salaries.


Know The Job Landscape

What you earn is reflected in the amount of opportunity that exists in your particular location and area of expertise. Although Java and .Net developers are in demand across the UK, there can be large differences in the income between cities/regions. For example, in London, the median income for a Java Developer is £70,000, while in the Midlands the median sits at £50,000.


Keeping a close eye on the fluctuations in salaries will not only help you see where you stand within the industry, but it also highlights which jobs/technologies are in high demand. Often times identifying these trends, Developers are willing to learn new frameworks, or technologies (i.e.Cloud) and broaden their opportunities. To have the most up-to-date forecast of your market, we recommend visiting IT Jobs Watch.

Know How to Market Yourself

There are two key factors that will dictate the outcome of your next job hunt:

  1. Your technical skills
  2. Your ability to market yourself


Technical Skills

When presenting your arsenal of skills, be sure to highlight all the framework(s)/technologies you’ve worked with. Even if your knowledge of some frameworks is limited. Employers may end up choosing you based on your diverse skill set, despite not having an overly-high level of expertise. Full-Stack Developers are an excellent example of this. While a candidate might have a great understanding of jQuery, but the employer requires experience in Angular, the candidate may still be competitive due to their experience in another relevant, job-specific framework.


Market Yourself

Simply possessing the necessary skills aren’t enough in today’s competitive job market. Developers also need to realize the importance of branding themselves, to promote their abilites and convince future employers of their worth. Github is one platform which allows you to do this. Github enables you to display your work technical work and skills, which many Developers and Engineers link to their CVs. This also allows Developers and Engineers to discuss, amongst one another, how to increase their exposure. Properly exhibiting your talent will increase the chances of higher, larger paying companies noticing you.


Show Your Worth

Another way to negotiate your salary is to prove your worth. While it is great to have proof of work, it might not convince your future employer that you can produce these same results consistently, and to the company’s satisfaction. Here it is important to show others that you will become integral to the business. Don’t be afraid to show your worth in various ways – ROI reports relevant to your work, LinkedIn recommendations and sponsorships, letters of recommendation are all ways to better promote and present yourself to your future employer. While this may seem sometimes tedious it is just another way to stay ahead of the competition and create additional avenues of leverage to increase your compensation.


Keep Your Skills Up To Date

Technology, like time, waits for no one. The Galaxy X of today is the Motorola clamshell of tomorrow. This is why ensuring you stay up to date is vital in not only negotiating your salary but advancing your career. However, this doesn’t mean you have to know every single framework out there. Having said that you will need to ensure your skills stay sharp through a well-thought-out plan. Establishing a weekly, or monthly schedule where you participate in a consistent way will help secure your development. There is a myriad of different ways to do this: reading a daily blog, attending developer events/workshops, reading a new book, or even learning a new framework/language altogether. Then once that’s done all you need to do is code, code, and code some more! Easy!


Money Isn’t Everything.

It may seem like a cop-out to finish off with this, but sometimes the best way to negotiate for a better salary is to be patient and simply prove your worth. Remember money isn’t everything. Enjoying what you do, and seeing how your work produces an improved difference is often what can help push your career forward and give you the confidence, and experience you need to leverage your salary. At the end of the day, those who love what they do will be more focused in their work and allow their results to speak for themselves.


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