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Preventing Cloud Security Risks in 2019

Preventing Cloud Security Risks in 2019

Jan 17, 2019 / No Comments

Preventing Cloud Security Risks in 2019


A recent research study found that around 29% of businesses have potential cloud security compromises. 2019 will see many companies implement stringent monitoring to identify and react to unusual and suspicious activities/content. Keeping your company files/clients safe is no different from protecting your home from theft. With that in mind, there are numerous tactics you can take to prevent cloud security breaches.

Educate Your Employees.


It might seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to prevent security threats is by informing your team. Teaching your employees effective defense practices, you can decrease risk and prevent cloud security threats. Be sure to include your whole team when you're briefing the necessary security practices.

Constructing a plan, document, or protocol in case of breaches is a great way for your team to always have access to the information. This can include step by step instructions, to make it more digestible for everyone. Once all this is done running surprise security test will help ensure your team has retained the information. Tools like Gophish and LUCY, allow you to send simulated phishing emails to see how your team reacts.

Secure a Data Backup Plan


Regardless of what your other strategies may be, always ensure you have a secure backup of your data. This will not only give you peace of mind, but it secures your business in the event of a wide loss of data.

You will need to produce a program which enables your company to use constant and effective data protection policies across various cloud services. In addition to this, you should ensure your IT staff adheres to the best possible practices regarding daily backup, recovery strategies, and off-site storage. If you're looking for more information on how to adequately back up your data click here!

Encryption, Encryption, Encryption


One of the most critical aspects of ensuring cloud security is encryption. Encryption uses algorithms to alter your company data and places it safely in cloud storage. With data encrypted ensure you are careful with how the keys are maintained and who has access to the information.

Whoever has both the keys that can decipher and encrypt may have free reign of the data. A common mistake is to place your encryption keys in the same software where you store your data. This is a big NO-NO! It essentially reduces the entire point of the security as a moot point and can allow for easier access.

Strong Authentication (2-Factor)


While it seems like a pain to set up two-factor authentication (2FA), attackers with access to your businesses cloud service can produce serious damage. From espionage to steal client information, the numerous big-business breaches of 2018 have made many customers wary of cloud security. 2FA should be used for any vital cloud service/data pool - especially those with sensitive customer information.

2FA allows you to see if any unrecognized devices/users are attempting to log into your services as it requires a unique code to be used in order to access the account. The code is received as a text message or produced by an authenticator app on your previously registered device. While it takes a little longer to setup it is a useful security protocol which could spell the difference between reliable protection, and disaster. 


We hope this has helped you better understand some of the crucial tactics that will be required to maintain security and integrity in your business. Remember it's better to be prepared and spend a little more right off the get-go than have to constantly worry about the integrity of your data.

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